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Do you......................

supply flys ?                Yes I do supply flies and do not charge for them at the end of the day

supply fishing rods?     Yes  fly rod to spinning rods, reels, lines all terminal tackle and tie all knots You need only to show up

Offer food ?                  Yes we do have a grilled lunch

spey cast?                     Yes we have Scott and Orvis Spey rods and reels also Bauer reels

Fish with bobbers?        Yes we use bobbers and Indy for fly fishing and spinning

dry fly fish?                     Yes I dry fly fish for trout. Help you with the drift and matching the hatch explaining what is hatching

wet fly fish?                    Yes and we use nymphs under Indy also enplane what the fly pattern is and why

instruct fly casting?         Yes I do on the water fly casting instruction over head cast, reach, roll, bounce and many more.

Use spinning rod ?          We do from casting spinners, body bates or using a bobber and drift fishing Sept Salmon on Spinning
                                    rods is quite exciting

drift fish w/Flyrods?         Yes in Michigan it is the most common fly fishing for Steelhead and Salmon Also call Chuck and Duck

sir charge for gas?          No we do not have a sir charge for gas or flys.

Offer lodging?                  Not at this time I do have Names and numbers of B&B, cottages, motels. And have a working relationship

Use drift boat?                Yes I have and use a drift boat and have a Jet boat, flat bottom boat and a canoe

What river?                     We fish The Muskegon, Manistte, St. Joe, Flat, Ausable and the Grand river a few other smaller ones

long do you fish?            About 8 hours less if you like but we have been known to stay out 10 hours

Time you meet?              Day brake for prime Steelhead and Salmon later in the day for winter Steelhead and evening dry fly  fishing.
                           And when ever you want to.

Take credit cards             Yes I do take credit cards, cash and checks a $100.00 deposit will hold a date for you.

How many can fish          We prefer to fish two to a boat and can take three to a boat. I have several guide that work with me couple
                           that with the working relationship I have with other guide services and we have never ran out of guides

What do you fish for        Steelhead, Salmon, Trout (Browns Rainbows) and Small Mouth Bass.

Can i buy a fishing
License on line?                   Yes you can  

What months do you
fish?                               I guide 12 months a year Winter Trout and Steelhead fishing is very productive and I have heat in the boat

How should I tip?           You should tip your guide as you would for a fine dinner tip

do you offer gift cert.      Yes i do have gift certificates for fishing trips

are you a charter            I do have a captains licenses and I could be called a charter But we prefer Guide or Outfitter

I have never fly fished      I have folks that have never fly fished all the time its my job to get them casting a fly rod and they do it !
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