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517 651 2616 PH.
Regarding the fishing guide service you provided, it was suberb! The boat, the equipment, the patience, and the instruction made for an
experience which exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much. I am sure you will see me again....very soon.  FAB
Thanks for the wonderful day fishing and Linda has been talking about is all week. Can we get the same week next year
Richard Cramer Chicago IL.
What a fantastic day you showed me and my boy. You did a wonderful job of putting us on Salmon.  The Manistee River is
a bountiful river.
Thanks for spending time with my son. I’ll call you about the Trout fishing trip.

Thanks again, Max & Joe  Williams
Charlotte, N.C.
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Michigan spring Steelhead fishing

How do you do it? Once again. Thanks for a successful day fishing
Ed Howe Tampa, FL
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I just wanted to send a short email expressing my thanks for  the few days fishing in Michigan.  I had a great time and will definitely be back next
year.  You all were great!
I appreciate the spey clinic As soon as we got back I ordered a switch rod .
Doug -- Thanks for busting your ass for Brad and I.  I mean that.  I realize how tough the fishing can be and I greatly appreciate the hard work.  
Both of you guys busted your ass this weekend and I just wanted to say thank you!
Please feel free to give me a call.  You  are welcome here in NC anytime and I would love to show you some of my local streams.

Thanks again!
Scott Lewis
Doug, We also enjoyed fishing with you. You are a real pro. I would like to fish smallmouth in
the spring with you. Hope you have a good winter. I will be in touch. We are going to Canada in
August. Would you like to be a part of the group? We go to Camp Narrows on Rainy Lake and
take our own boat. If you want to look the web site is It is featured on page 12
of  the Oct. infisherman magazine. Sam
Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the trip we took for winter Steelies. The boat is set up great and very comfortable to fish from. All the
equipment was top notch and the service was fantastic. Getting into the fish made a cold day feel like the middle of summer. Can’t wait for the spring trip we
 Dave  Oxford, MI
Once again GREAT DAY!! Fishing W/You HANK
To: "Doug B" <>

I have fished several times with the "river rat dog" and find him to be a very patient and helpful teacher and he catches fish.
Bill Gruhn
AKA, Fishman

Great pics!  Thanks.  And thanks again for a great day on the river.
Thanks Doug, we had a great time.
Look forward to next year.
Ju wanted to thank you for the excellent fishing trip.
Had a blast, and would not hesitate to recommend you
to anyone looking for a top notch day of fishing.
Brad 4-30-11
Thanks Doug,
We had a great day thanks to you.  You were patient with us rookies and extremely patient with me
tangling the double fly setup at least 10 times!!  Jack and Bill both commented on the fun they had
and your patience with their efforts too!!   Have a great summer and we will fish again, either for
steelhead or summer rainbows.